Websites for Local Small Business Made Locally

What’s the difference?…. Chalk and Cheese…. I love Cheese….Websites for Local Small Business


Webstudios Websites for Local Small Business are all locally hosted on local servers which means fast access and local support

You can talk directly to the person who creates your site (Me)

You can make changes easily and quickly just by talking to me

Content is King, I will help craft your message, supply images and video, write and edit copy if required

You can get advice on your whole marketing strategy including your website. We speak the same language (Business) I’m a Business owner myself

Building websites for local Small Businesses

Websites for Local Small BusinessI am a local small business myself and I get it. I’ve built many websites for my own businesses. I build Websites for Local Small Business that generate sales.

Every business owner wants their business website to look nice, that’s perfectly understandable. What the customer also wants is information.

They want relevant information that is easy to find. Quick to digest and answers all their questions, the most important question being “What’s in it for me?”


Your website will look good on mobile devices, so people can easily navigate and read your information.

Over 65% of all internet usage is now on mobile devices. Google will no longer rank websites that are not mobile responsive because they know it frustrates people. All my sites are fully Mobile Responsive.

Your website will be linked to all your social media, so people can easily find and follow your activity.

A nice website is just part of your online presence. People will research a purchase and check out your business online often before they contact you. If your online presence doesn’t prompt them to take action, you’ll never know they’ve been looking, because they just went elsewhere.

Your website will be optimized to show up in search engine rankings, so people who are looking for your products and services, in your area, can easily find you.

A great website is valuable if people can find it easily. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a mystical science that should cost a local small business thousands or even hundreds of dollars. There are just some basic steps that if done properly will ensure your local business does show up well.

How great would it be if a potential customer could automatically get directions to your locations! Well, they can. I create GPS enabled, location aware, responsive websites, which means that your customers can get directions directly to you from your website.

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I was recommended to Paul by a friend. I needed a website that would get me inquiries but wasn’t sure where to start or how to set up my social media. Paul has started my Facebook Page, Google page and created a stunning website for me. He sourced photos, helped me write the text and within days it was on the front page of Google. He also answered a ton of questions I had about how to use the website and Social Media. He is a wealth of knowledge and really easy to work with. Highly recommended. Gary – Classic Cocktails

Gary Stanich

Classic Cocktails